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Energy Storage Industry Cases

This series of products (mobile robot batteries) are mainly used for different types of mobile robots, and a variety of communication options are available. At present, it has been applied in cleaning robot, disinfection and sterilization robot, navigation robot, inspection robot and other equipment, and the response is good.

Energy Storage Products


Lithium Replacing Lead –Acid                                          High voltage landing                                       Wall mounted                                                                  Container                     

We can provide different styles and types of energy storage lithium battery systems, such as household wall hanging, floor landing, commercial energy storage, etc.

Flexible Product Portfolio

  2.5Kwh                                       5Kwh                                     10Kwh                                        Other electric quantities    
Our energy storage system products are available in 2.5kwh, 5kwh, 10kwh and other different electric quantities to meet the power needs of different families
Mainstream Brand Inverter
Our energy storage lithium battery can fit all the major brands of inverters. (HUAWEI, SUNGROW, SMA, POWER ELECTRONICS, GROWATT)
Cooperation Process

   Pre-sale Service                                       After-sale Service


Customers can communicate with sales in 'Inquiry Service' to inquire product information.

Determine product information

Customers may need to provide supporting equipment information, so as to facilitate sales personnel to provide accurate and effective quotation, delivery date etc.

After sales contact

Customers encountering any problems are able to communicate with the sales staff, or send after-sales email to

After sales solution

After receiving information or email, sales will contact the customer at the first time to know the problems and analyze with product technical personnel to provide the propose solutions.




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